8-hour Driver Improvement (classroom)

Our 8 hour in person Driver Improvement Course is approved by Virginia DMV and provided by Reinforcement Driver Improvement.

This is a way for you to obtain up to 5 GOOD POINTS and satisfy Court Orders and obtain Insurance Discounts.

You can also voluntarily take this course to help recover points you may have lost due to tickets.

Don't wait call us at 703-951-6062 or click on the link to register your 8 hours. We are scheduling 8 hour full day sessions

Monday-Sunday as well as offering the option of taking the class in  4 two hour sessions for your convenience Monday- Friday.

This will help students that can not do all 8 hours at one time. We are very flexible because we understand many students are

juggling work, family obligations and school. Once you have completed the course you will have a final exam to take.

Upon passing that exam you will be given your Driver Improvement Certificate.

We will guide you through the entire process.


NOTE  :  You can not take this  course if you  have a Commercial Drivers License. However we do offer this course for CDL license holders. Check out CDL Driver Improvement that is done in person or call click on contact us