Behind the Wheel


Behind the Wheel driving pictures

This class is done entirely in the vehicle with one of our professional instructors.
Due to Covid-19 we are doing these classes one-on-one until we are instructed by DMV to change back to group classes.

All vehicles are outfitted with Dual function cameras. One camera focused on the interior and one set to record the road ahead.  We can review these recordings to help the student and show the parent what we have done each lesson. This is a great way for parents to know what to practice with their driver.


Our instructors have the students drive during the day as well as at night. We will create multiple conditions to challenge the drivers

knowledge and create confidence. At the end of the 7 sessions the instructor will have the student perform a DMV approved road

examination. Once you have registered to take the course an instructor will contact you to schedule your sessions.  We are flexible and will

work with you at your pace.  Most students have this completed with in 7-10 days.

Behind the Wheel Options...

Behind the wheel with Road Test         $450 (based on pick up location)


Learn my vehicle                                                $75.00

1 hour session teaching driver mechanical aspects of the vehicle as well as how to change a tire.

They will also learn how to check the fluids, tire pressure and perform basic maintenance.

Private Lessons                                                 $75.00 (per hour)

If you need extra help prior to taking the Road Test we are here for you.

You can customize this lesson with the instructor.