Drivers Education (classroom)

Drivers Education Course

36 sessions of instruction

All new drivers must complete Drivers Education to obtain a Virginia drivers license. Schools are offering this during students sophomore year.

However, if you are home schooling or attending a school that is not offering Drivers Education we are here for you. If you have moved

into Virginia and are missing the opportunity? ... you are also eligible. Of course if you are unsure about your eligibility feel free to contact us for clarification.


There is no minimum number of students for Drivers Education Classroom. Therefore this class is being offered everyday for your convenience.

Furthermore all study materials are being included. Our instructors are here to help you navigate the curriculum with ease. We use video as well

as hands on tools to help you learn every aspect of driving. Drivers Education is the foundation for you to become a confident and safe driver.

Topics Covered in Drivers Education

Licensing Responsibilities    Sharing the Road      Your Vehicle Operation   Alcohol & Other Drugs   Driver Attention, Emotions and Behaviors

Navigating Roadways   Preventive Maintenance     Vision, Perception and Assessing and Managing Risk       Road Rage    Motorcycle Awareness

Adverse Conditions and Evasive Maneuvers     Technological Advancements      Reducing Distracted Driving    Organ Donation

Fuel Efficient Driving Practices         What to do if Stopped by Police


Let us help you take charge of your independence. Our instructors are committed to your success. The Blue Sky family is here supporting you.

We encourage you to go at your own pace with out pressure. Once you pass the class and obtain your Learners Permit we can help you continue

with your journey. Subsequently you can sign up for Behind-the-Wheel . Don't wait get started as early as tomorrow.

What happens next?

Check out our package deals and payment options by contacting us directly.  Contact us for more information. Or jump in and register for the course.

Once you are registered you will be provided paperwork via email.  You will also receive a scheduling link so you can get started. knowing that life can get

in the way we are very flexible. Your instructor will work with you to make sure you have scheduled the correct amount of sessions needed

Driver Education Classroom

Drivers Education Classroom    $200.00

Other Options

Don't forget to sign up for Behind-the-Wheel early so that you can transition directly from Drivers Education

Also offering Learn Your Vehicle  very important for all new drivers


Questions about DMV requirements refer to the DMV Website