Private Lessons

Private Lessons


Private lessons encourage reader to sign up for help to become a safe confident driver
Private Lessons can help your confidence

Everyone learns how to drive at their own pace.  We understand that you may need help with specific skills or maybe just extra time with an instructor to build confidence. If you feel that you need more time prior to taking the road test this is your course.  Our professional instructors will customize these lessons based on your needs. A Blue Sky instructors focus on safety while helping you become more confident behind the wheel. In the Northern as well as Southern regions of Virginia we as drivers face unique road closures and constant construction. As soon as you think you know where you are going and what you will encounter a road pattern is changed.  We will help you develop problem solving skills so that you are more prepared and learn emergency decision making skills to ensure your safety.  There is no age restriction to this opportunity. You can benefit from private lessons even after you have your license so do not hesitate. Sign up now.

Contact us to schedule a FREE ASSESSMENT. or call 703.951.6062 to speak to an instructor today.

You can book one hour at a time or book a multi hour package.  Discounts available for multi hour bookings.

Combine this class with Behind-the-Wheel and get additional discounts.

A Blue Sky also offers Learn Your Vehicle which is a great opportunity for drivers of all ages to get more familiar with their vehicle and how to maintain it. Can you change a flat tire? Do you know how to check your fluid levels?A great gift idea for a loved one of any age.




Private Lessons

$75 per hour

3 plus booked hours  $60 per hour