Re-exam Course failed 3 times

Are you struggling with the Knowledge portion of the testing?

Have you failed 3 times and need a remediation course?


To encourage reader to contact us if they have failed 3 times
Let us help you succeed & get on the road with confidence

Once you have failed the knowledge exam 3 times the Division of Motor Vehicles will send you to take this course.

We understand that everyone learns at their own pace so we offer  two learning options. A Blue Sky Driving Academy offers this course

in two four hour sessions or one eight hour day. You do it your way in your time because we feel you know best how you learn.

We are here to accommodate you and compliment your experience. Our instructors work one on one or in group settings therefore there

are no minimum student requirements. This course is offered Monday -Saturday excluding holiday's.

We offer a unique opportunity to every Blue Sky student and will work with you until you have passed the knowledge exam. Our program

includes practices tests as well as interactive video presentations. All class materials including a student workbook come free with the course.

We encourage our students to use these tools even after they leave the classroom to continue to review prior to retaking the test at DMV.

Your success is our priority. Once you have passed the knowledge test come back and see us for Private Lessons and Behind The Wheel

We offer package deals for all ages. Sign up for all three today and get deep discounts. We believe in investing in every student.

Join the Blue Sky Family today and begin your personal adventure investing in your future. Find your freedom and independence with us.

We believe in you and your abilities as well as our professional instructors ability to help you navigate this exam.

If you have any questions or concerns let us know by Contacting Us

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Resource to get started

Driver Manual Study Guide


Re-Exam Course    $275.00